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Mission Statement: The Purpose of this Blog

esports stadium

Put quite simply, the purpose of this blog is to provide quality information on the laws and legal issues surrounding the fledgling esports community. Esports, as anyone familiar with the industry knows, is going through growing pains as investment dollars come flooding into the industry in the form of new teams, tournament venues, and sponsorships. The structure of the community is in flux, and as is to be expected, the protections and stability designed to protect the participants and consumers has yet to catch up. This blog is intended to be informational—to highlight concerns in esports—as well as a call-to-action on specific causes that I see to be a beneficial use of our collective time. I also expect to discuss strange or humorous news, as well as just some general legal news reporting from news in esports, with my take on the events.

Format wise, there will be a mixture of short and long-form content. My initial goal is a longer article every Monday, and shorter content as time and interest allows. There are so many distinct issues arising every day; there will never be a lack of topics to discuss. I will also always be open to comments and suggestions from my readers as to topics they would like for me to cover. While I am doing this blog for my own personal gratification, I hope I can learn and grow from the interests of other people that are interested in the smooth growth of the esports scene.

If you finished this post, good job! Every time I’ve read a blog I can’t help but go look at the very first post to see the progress and transformation of the blog over time. It is highly likely that a reader in some (hopefully) distant future looks at this blog and marvels at how far it has come. As you can tell, while your faithful author may be an attorney by trade, I am looking to convey a real-word approach to my posts.

Expect a real first post in the days to come.

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